Things to see and do on the island of Ré

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Discover Île de Ré

Over 450,000 visitors come to enjoy the island of Ré every year, dubbed Ré la Blanche for its traditional white houses with blue or green shutters. A successful destination, it is a must-see destination on the Atlantic that never ceases to seduce the French as well as the Europeans.

Why choose the Ile de Ré for your camping vacation? Find our 5 reasons that will help you choose your destination:

  • With an exceptional 2,600 hours of sunshine a year, the Ile de Ré offers a mild climate, far from the hustle and bustle. The sunshine and flat terrain have allowed the development of numerous salt marshes, the pride of the island, to be discovered near your Île de Ré campsite.
  • Unrivalled in its beauty, theÎle de Ré boasts landscapes as far as the eye can see, and is an unspoilt and very natural area. Stroll from village to village, all charming and picturesque, and cross the roads by car or by bike lined with pine, cypress and cedar trees. Immortalize the incredible sunsets on the island’s many beaches or on the salt marshes near Loix.
  • Experience a “slow life” holiday. On the Ile de Ré, get away from it all and enjoy long bike rides on the 100 km of cycle paths available for hire at Les Ilates. Push the doors of the local producers who will make you discover their treasures: salt, olive oil, soaps, oysters, seafood, potatoes, melons.
  • A destination full of surprises: incredible but true, the Île de Ré excels in wine production. Wine, cognac and pineau… 60 winegrowers work no less than 650 hectares of vineyards! Let yourself be surprised by its olive grove and taste theexcellent Retoise olive oil, made in an old mill, near your 4-star campsite.
  • Île de Ré, a destination for all generations! Whatever your age, Ré will seduce you. Active holidays for the youngest thanks to its plethora ofwater sports and fun activities, all in a safe and human-sized area. Local events are sure to liven up your holiday, in addition to the entertainment organised at our lively campsite with water park in Loix. Farmers’ markets, oyster farming, local gastronomy, epicureans will enjoy a gourmet and exotic holiday.

To see on the Ile de Ré

Choose a destination for your camping holiday in Charente-Maritime. A visit to the Ile de Ré guarantees a perpetual change of scenery, with over 8,000 hectares of unspoilt nature. And this in a natural setting, between land and sea. The horizon and the sun will make your bike or car rides pleasant.

See the long-haired Poitou donkeys, also known as Baudet du Poitou, in the fields, the island’s emblem, and let your children enjoy a donkey ride in Saint-Martin-en-Ré. The most coveted village on the island, its marina, its shops, its Unesco listed fortifications and its local architecture will charm you during your camping stay in Loix. Bring back in your luggage soaps or cosmetics made from fresh donkey milk, which have been produced here for centuries.

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Things to do on the Ile de Ré

The ideal way to get around the island, swap your car for a bicycle. The rides will be easy thanks to a small difference in altitude and 100 km of well-developed cycle paths.

Take advantage of this opportunity to criss-cross the island and discover privileged routes, between salt marshes, forests, oyster huts and wild beaches. Do your shopping at the famous market of La Flotte-en-Ré, in its medieval setting, and continue to the extreme north of the island to discover the Phare des Baleines, its museum and its Tower, the maritime symbol of the island.