Visit the Baleines lighthouse

Camping 25 min from the Baleines lighthouse

During your stay in camping in Loix, don’t miss the most famous site on the Île de Ré, the famous Baleines lighthouse. Located at the western tip of the island of Ré, in the commune of Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, the lighthouse owes its name to the fact that a high number of whales used to run aground at this point on the island in the past.

Classified as a historical monument, the Baleines lighthouse is a 25-minute drive from Les Ilates and a 50-minute bike ride. Spend a good half day visiting this majestic site and its surroundings.

The lighthouse is a listed historical monument.

Parking for cars and a shuttle bus will facilitate your visit. With family or friends, take the time to admire this incredibly well-preserved must-see site in Rete during your camping holiday near the Whale Lighthouse.

Seeing the Whale Lighthouse

The Whale Lighthouse is the most visited monument on the island and it is undoubtedly the view from the top that draws its visitors. From the top of the 57-metre lighthouse, admire a breathtaking panorama overlooking the Conche beach, the salt marshes and the surrounding forest. 257 steps for an unprecedented reward. Admire the landscape at the top of this high tower and experience a moment of history during your camping holiday near the Baleines lighthouse with family or friends, by visiting the Tour des Baleines.

Built in 1682 by the architect Augier, it is a tower made of ashlar from the Saint-Savinien quarries. Designed at a time when maritime traffic was very dense, it was a solution to the problem of the many shipwrecks of the time. The ports as well as the French coasts were not sufficiently equipped to guide the ships. This building has 3 floors with 3 rooms that you can access via a staircase. Make the most of your stay at camping Les Ilates to see a wide horizon.

visiter phare des baleines

To do at Whale Lighthouse

During your stay in a mobile home or cabin in Les Ilates, join the phare des Baleines and its shops at the foot of the lighthouse. Climb the 257 steps of the lighthouse and after your descent, treat yourself to a well-deserved gourmet break. Taste the famous artisanal ice creams or waffles of the Martinière, famous master artisan ice cream maker of the Island with 50 years of existence.

For your lunch break, take your picnic to enjoy on the plage de la Conche, in front of the Lighthouse, or indulge in lunch at one of the many adjoining restaurants with local flavours.

Wander among the various shops selling souvenirs and donkey milk soaps. In addition to climbing the Lighthouse, extend your cultural outing with a visit to the Museum and the Old Whale Tower to unravel the mystery around this place steeped in history.

Visit La Rochelle and Loix

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