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Outdoor activities

Explore the Ile de Ré on foot, by bike and even from the air

Randonnée à vélo

The Île de Ré, a cyclist’s paradise
No matter what your level of fitness, the Île de Ré offers a 100 km long network of cycle paths suitable for all ages and abilities. The bicycle is still the best way of getting around the island and exploring its varied landscapes.
Loix itself has over 5 km of cycle path forming a loop from the Plage du Grouin through the salt marshes and the village. Ideal for a family outing!
The Route du Sel cycle path, opened in 2011, links Loix to the Île de Ré’s main cycle route. Prepare your own personal cycle route on the Ile de Ré Tourisme website.

Bicycle hire at the campsite

For fans of flying and model aircraft making
In Loix, Planète Sports et Loisirs offers a variety of activities including introductory microlight flights and model aircraft flying lessons (airplanes, helicopters and gliders).

Original: Donkey rides
Children and grown-ups alike love the centuries’ old Île de Ré tradition of clothing donkeys - not for its sartorial appeal but to protect the animals for the numerous pests once rampant on the island. This tradition is being revived today by Monsieur Léau, an Île de Ré donkey breeder who organises donkey and pony and trap rides.

And also:
Horse riding in Loix: Espace équestre
Mini golf at La Couarde (7 km) (€)
The Île de Ré’s two 9-hole golf courses: Le Pertuis golf course in La Flotte-en-Ré (15km from the site) and Trousse-Chemise gold course in Les Portes-en-Ré (19km from the site).

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